About Us

Code for Hong Kong is where geeks gather together and build Hong Kong a better place. Facing monopoly and bureaucracy, we drive social changes with technology. Everyone can code for Hong Kong. We work decentralized, form teams to solve problem and learn from each other. By doing this we create a better industry and community to build a better Hong Kong.

How to contribute to this blog

  • First you need to have a GitHub account
  • Fork code4hk blog repo
  • Create a new post under _posts dir using the name YYYY-MM-DD-title-of-your-post.md, e.g. 2014-02-23-blog-is-up.md.
  • Edit your post until camera ready
  • Make a Pull Request from your forked repo to code4hk blog repo.
  • Our editors will review your post and help polish it on the Pull Request discussion board
  • Once ready, we will merge your Pull Request and your post will be online!

Welcome to write anything related with Code4HK

NOTE for returned contributors. Please update (rebase / merge) your repo to the latest status of code4hk blog repo before you create new or do any editing.