Author: timktchan
Date: 13 January 2014

We are Code4HK. We are an organization that gather makers and doers to make a better society by making apps and websites. We hold hackathon or workshop monthly to have fun and make changes.

On 12th January, we got an exciting start with 7 social changing hackers in our 1st hackathon!

Sleepy hacker

* One hacker is sleepy here. Haha, it’s the evidence of intensive coding!

Flying ideas

Ideas were flying! Prototype

Birthday of Code4HK’s website. It will go public soon!

We started hacking 3 projects!

Code4HK - Let you know all about Code4HK
Last updated: 2014-01-12 3 contributors
One stop portal for Code4HK crews to start, contribute, update and share their projects. Here you can learn most of the most updated activities of Code4HK - Cross-check the speech of public figures and the hard fact.
Last updated: 2014-01-12, 4 contributors
It’s is a crowd sourcing platform for people to upload a short sentence from speeches from a public figure and verify them against the hard facts. People can also submit proof or counter proofs on our platform. This is inspired by the renowned

71 Counter - Approximate the number of participant of a demonstration, accurately
Last Updated: 2014-01-12, 2 contributors
71 counter is a research and development project that use computer vision and statistic methodology to approximate the number of participants in a particular demostration. We make use of some computer vision technology and state of the art statistic methods to create the best approximation.

Count Head

No matter you are developers, designer or any people, as long as you have a hacker’s mind, you can code for Hong Kong.

"Join our 2nd hackathon on 23Feb14!"

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